Pharmaceutical terminology (Lesson №4, theory: LATIN NAMES OF SALTS) - Список вопросов

22-04-2020 04:00

1. Latin names of salts consist of :

2. The cation is -

3. The anion is -

4. True or false? The name of cation in Genitive Singular with the capital letter, non-changeable

5. True or false? The name of anion with the small letter, in Nominative or Genitive Singular, changeable

6. Translate into Latin: sulfate

7. Translate into Latin: hydrochloride

8. Name the gender of the word "nitras, atis ..."

9. Translate into Latin: atropine sulfate

10. Translate into English: Bismŭthi subcitras

11. Two-component names of __________ and _____________ salts are written with the hyphen

12. The name of the salt caffeine and sodium benzoate has got a specific equivalent in Latin:

13. Aether, eris m

14. Solutio Ammonii caustici

15. Saccharum, i n

16. Chinīni sulfas, ātis m

17. What cases may the name of anion be used in?

18. Translate into Latin: nitrite

19. Translate into English: Morphīni hydrochlorĭdi

20. Translate into English: Hydrocortisōni acetās

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