Страноведение и лингвострановедение. - Список вопросов

23-12-2020 12:27

1. The British Isles is a ................ name

2. The Isle of Man and the Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey

3. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland had existed

4. Albion is the name given by the Romans due to

5. Enumerate the inhabitants/invaders of Great Britain in the proper order:

6. The longest river in Great Britain is

7. The name England was given to the country by

8. Alfred the Great was the king who

9. Decide, which statement doesn't relate to England

10. The Black Death is

11. The national flag of England, the “Union Jack”, is

12. The War of the Roses is

13. the Unicorn is

14. Great Britain is seperated from the continent by

15. The following peoples were NOT among the invaders of Great Britain

16. It was ...................who finally defeated Napoleon

17. Put the events into the right order:

18. Magna Carta is

19. № 10, Downing Street, London is the official residence of

20. The official London residence of the Queen is

21. Parliamentary elections are held every

22. the Land of Song is the name applied to

23. The Welsh national flag has

24. The country that has three official languages is

25. a thistle is a national symbol of

26. The 2 parts which have their own parliaments are

27. The Emerald Isle is the name reffered to

28. The Troubles is

29. Ulster Scots

30. Plantation

31. The Monument in the center of Trafalgar square is erected to commemorate

32. The national poet of Scotland is

33. The saint of England is

34. What is the 6th form?

35. the supreme legislative body of the United Kingdom is

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