ICT Test - Список вопросов

24-11-2020 10:31

1. An Email adress has 3 parts in it. If we type an email address, it will be in the following format.

2. The username cannot be longer than __ characters long and the domain name cannot be longet than __ characters.

3. Big data is a term that describes the process of processing and analyzing evolving data that is in the range or

4. S. M. A. R. T. major hard drive manufacturers are currently incorproting the technology into their hard drives?

5. Basically, the email contains 2 parts. What are they?

6. In what year was JavaScript programming renamed?

7. What program was the first computer virus?

8. A network topology is a schematic description of how a network works, including nodes, connecting lines, and other devices. 5 the main network topologies are listed below.

9. The device or application that uses the services provided by the server is called?

10. An example URL is:

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