Past Tenses - Список вопросов

10-11-2020 02:27

1. By ten o'clock yesterday I (to do) my homework and at ten I (to play) the piano.

2. When I (to come) home, my sister (to read) a book which she (to bring) from the library.

3. I (to work) on the computer yesterday which I (to buy) a week ago.

4. You (to complete) the test by Friday?

5. When I (to come) to my friend’s house, he just (to leave).

6. Mike and his wife (to come) home from the theatre at seven o'clock.

7. I (to finish) my homework by nine o'clock.

8. I (to fix) my car for three hours when my daughter (to return) back from school.

9. All my friends (to be) glad to hear that I (to pass) all the examinations successfully.

10. My sister (to look) very tired as she (to work) hard.

11. I (to come) to see us just at the time when they (to have) lunch.

12. My friend (not to tell) me that he (to receive) a telegram from her.

13. He (to speak) a language we never (to hear) before.

14. I (to know) that my friend (not to watch) his favourite TV programme at home.

15. We (to eat) a cake which I (to bring) an hour before.

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