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1. to be ң ұ ң. She in the fifth form.

2. қғ ұ қ қң.I (watch) TV when it began to rain.

3. Future in the Past-ғ ii

4. to be going to do smth ұ қң. They to buy a book tomorrow.

5. ң 2 қң. meet

6. қ ө ңң.

7. "Happy" өң ө:

8. a Postman өң ө ү:

9. ң ұ ұқc ң: I always to arrive everywhere on time.

10. ө ң

11. ә қ, әң ғ ә ө қң: Balzac, the famous French writer, was a man of great talent. But he himself was proud of his ability to tell a persons character by his or her handwriting. One day a woman brought him a young boys exercise-book. She said she wanted to know what Balzac thought of the boys character. Balzac studied the boys handwriting carefully. Then he said that the boy was a lazy fellow. Its very strange, said the woman smiling. This is a page from your own exercise-book, which you used when you were a boy. Balzac .

12. Cө қң: Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeths .

13. қ ң ұ ңң: The teacher told us to the blackboard.

14. ұ қң: ... is made of milk and sugar

15. ғ ң

16. қң: They dd not pck ... flowers.

17. ң ұ ұқ ңң: Do you remember those people we met in Astana?

18. ө қң: Computers ... n the 20-th century.

19. өң ү қң: Gone.

20. ө ө ө ң: To carry

21. ө қң: ddnt ... what she was wearng.

22. iiiң I like() flowers

23. Present Perfect Actve- :

24. Strong өң .

25. ұ ұқ - -No,I havent

26. өң ұ қң. possible

27. ө ө ө ң: Great

28. ө ә ө: People go n for sport there.

29. ң ұ ұқ ңң: On Sunday we a new exhibition in the Hermitage.

30. ң 3 қң. show

31. :

32. Ү ң

33. ө қң: know hs name. But dont know ... .

34. ө қң: have a car ... looks lke yours.

35. "Lose" ң Partcple II ү:

36. әi қ қ

37. ұ ү қң: Pauls has gven up (smoke).

38. ә қ, ң: London parks are the most beautful areas of the cty. n the summer you can st n St. Jamess Park by the sde of the lake and lsten to the band playng musc. Green Park s a dfferent knd of park. t s a quet, wooden place. Hyde Park was once part of a forest. n our days, Speakers Corner of the park s always a centre of actvty. Sunday s the most popular day and you wll usually fnd some people standng on ther soap-boxes and makng speeches. There s a boatng lake, and skatng n the wnter f the ce s 10 centmetres thck. There s an open-ar theatre where plays are put on n the summer, and rose garden and a restaurant. ә қ ңң:

39. ұ ұқ.-Speaking

40. қ қң.... to ask the way than to go asrtay.

41. ұқ ұ ң . Work

42. ө қң. My niece is .

43. To be қ, ғ ұқ қң. . Yes, I am American. . No, hes not a doctor.

44. "Shoppng" қ ә ө:

45. ұ ii Paperfrom wood

46. to be going to ө ң

47. ң 3 ө. know

48. ұ ңң: How many states are there in America?

49. "Defnte" өң :

50. ұ ңң: A ... house