Unit 6,London,page 50-51 - Список вопросов

26-04-2020 09:28

1. New York and Toronto are more cosmopolitan than London.

2. People in London speak.......languages.

3. How many nationalities are there in London?

4. London is a place of.... .

5. Is the English language important for immigrants?

6. Are the Londoners friendly?

7. What is the most delicious reason of living in London?

8. What are the main principles of all Londoners?

9. Where does Posh Daddy work?

10. What is Posh Daddy's favourite food?

11. What is the Asadal famous for?

12. The Asadal was opened ........ .

13. When was Yasar Halim opened?

14. What is Yasar Halim famous for?

15. What nationality is the staff of Yasar Halim?

16. Jose Antonio Costa likes..... .

17. What do people like eating in Santos's cafe?

18. Do people of a Portuguese-speaking community always stick together?

19. Why are the Portugese and the Maderians very separate groups in London?

20. Do the communities like London?

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